Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 70L Backpack (Black and White)


If you read forums on packrafters looking for a backpack speficically designed for packrafting- this one comes up as one of the top recommendations. Not only is the material waterproof, its also one of the lighter options on the market given the volume.

Think of the Southwest 70 as the “close quarters” trail pack. When the route is thick with vegetation that fails to recognize personal space, requires the occasional up and over immovable objects, and calls for “suck in your gut and shimmy through” type moves, the Southwest’s solid and durable Dyneema® Hardline panel pockets will keep those contents you want to easily grab throughout the day protected and free from any unwanted snags. The superlight and time-tested main compartment of the Southwest is constructed with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics, so regardless of where your chosen trail is heading, and despite what Mother Nature feels like sharing each day, your chances of unpacking dry gear at camp are better than great.

Please note- while the material itself is water-proof, the seams are not sealed to keep out water so water can seep in through where the straps are attached if the pack is submersed for any length of time.


Please note- while the material itself is water-proof, the seams are not sealed to keep out water so water can seep in through where the straps are attached if the pack is submersed for any length of time.

The Porter 70 volume size (70L) is ideal for four-season, weekend, section, or thru hikes where resupply points are less frequent, bulkier cold weather gear is required, or the route calls for a packraft to complete it. The Southwest 70 can carry it all.  If you think you might need something with still more volume, check out the Porter 70.

For the best experience possible with these backpacks, we recommend you complete your pack with pods. They’re the key to a comfortable, highly-organized, and nearly 100% waterproof pack system.


2.45 lbs | 39.31 oz | 1114g
Weight may vary slightly by torso size.


  • Made in Maine, some assembly in Mexico
  • Three external, solid Hardline with Dyneema® pockets
  • Removable, contoured aluminum stays
  • Hardline with Dyneema® shoulder straps with 3/8” closed cell foam and spacer mesh
  • Internal plastic frame sheet for added back panel support
  • 1/4” foam back panel pad
  • Compression System
    • Roll-Top closure system with side compression straps for vertical compression
    • Side compression straps for horizontal compression
    • Top Y-strap compression — Designed to secure gear
  • Hardline with Dyneema® dual-density hip belt with 1/8” closed cell rigid foam, 1/4” closed cell foam and spacer mesh
  • Hardline with Dyneema® zippered pockets on hip belt with #5 YKK zipper
  • Adjustable sternum strap with self-tensioning elastic
  • Ice Axe loop
  • Hydro port and internal mesh hydro sleeve
  • Four exterior triglide buckles for optional pack accessory straps
  • Proprietary seam sealing on all side seams and behind all sewn-on pack features

Your torso length, not your height, determines your pack size. We recommend the following to determine yours:

  1. Tilt your head slightly forward to locate the bony bump at the base of your neck. (This is your 7th cervical (or C7) vertebra).
  2. Using a flexible tape measure, have someone measure starting at that spot and running down along the curve of your spine.
  3. Place your hands on your hips so you can feel your iliac crest, which serves as the “shelf” of your pelvic girdle. (It’s the first hard thing you feel when you run your fingers down from the sides of your ribcage.) Position your hands so your thumbs are reaching behind you.
  4. Have your friend finish measuring at the point where the tape crosses an imaginary line drawn between your thumbs. This distance is your torso length.
    • Small (15.0” – 17.0” torso)
    • Medium (17.0” – 19.0” torso)
    • Large (19.0” – 21.0” torso)
    • Tall (21.0”+ torso)
  5. If your measurement falls right in between sizes (for example, if you have a 17.0” torso, so you are right on the line between a Small and a Medium), we suggest you choose the larger torso size.

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Small Black, Medium Black, Large Black, Tall Black, Medium White, Large White

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