Wetsuit/Dry Suit Revivex Shampoo 10FL OZ


Make sure your dry suit stays smelling fresh and bacteria free!  Cleaning your dry suit after use will lengthen its overall life!

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Revivex® Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo


Refresh and extend the life of your watersports gear with Revivex Wetsuit + Drysuit Shampoo. Over time, chlorine and salt damage can degrade expensive neoprene suits. This shampoo cleans and conditions by removing organic residues like algae and bacteria, plus chlorine and salt deposits. The result is neoprene gear that smells fresh, stays supple and lasts much longer. It’s also safe to use on booties, gloves, fishing waders, GORE-TEX® fabric, and LYCRA® body wear. Keep watersports suits in tip-top shape by using Revivex Wetsuit + Drysuit Shampoo.

  • Gentle Cleaner – Removes salt and bacteria while keeping neoprene colors bright
  • Protects – Keeps neoprene supple
  • Conditions – Extends suit life by preventing premature aging
  • Concentrated – One pouch is good for 10 washes
  • Multipurpose – Use on all neoprene gear including booties and gloves


Product video: https://youtu.be/YX9PNv5xn0o