The Adventure That Started A Company

About Us

Seeing the South Fork of the Flathead River for the first time in 2011, was really where the idea of starting a packraft rental company began. We had camped at the confluence that forms the South Fork and as we ate fish tacos and smoked pipes, we pondered what might lie down-river. Unfortunately we could only be gone for four days that trip, so instead of finding out, we had to head back the next morning. As we hiked, we kept trying to think of a way we could go the length of the South Fork in a week and still have plenty of time for fishing and off-trail exploration. Of course rafting occurred to us, but at that point we thought rafting required horses to pack in. Even for a Montana ranch kid, horses exponentially complicated the logistics and costs involved.

Soon after we returned we found out about packrafts and the trips they made possible. From that time on, we fantasized about doing the South Fork trip on packrafts and that dream finally came true in 2014. It was worth the wait. The level of fun and adventure was off the charts compared to a normal backpacking trip. Even though we did the trip in six days, we had time to enjoy it. From hitting rapids, to side explorations, to landing fish in the packrafts (a feat in itself), every part of our adventure was enhanced by the packrafts. We were also able to include more people on this trip including my wife, Allie, of 10 months. It was awesome to be able to share that adventure with her.

Before this trip, I had decided to start a packraft rental business. I must confess, at first I wanted to start a company just so I could write-off my packrafts as a business expense. But the more I thought about and researched packrafting rentals, the more excited I became. I am truly passionate about packrafting and the new world it opens up to the outdoorsman. Backcountry Packraft Rentals allows me to share this passion and equip others in making their dream trips happen.

High Quality Experience

Beyond making bucket-list trips happen, Backcountry Packraft Rentals wants you to have a high quality first packrafting experience (which is why we have great gear and information). Whether it is your only packrafting experience or the first of many, we want you to have a great trip. If you are looking to buy a packraft, we want your trip to give you a good taste of what it is like before you make a big investment. If you rent from us, have a great time and decide you want to buy a raft of your own, more power to you. We may have lost a customer, but we have gained a fellow packrafter, which is just fine by us!

Your Dream Trip- Packraft Possibilities

So what’s your dream packraft trip? Does it involve crossing a huge swath of wilderness on a route no one has ever attempted? Maybe bagging a couple peaks on the way? Perhaps a fishing trip to a backcountry river or high mountain lake where the fish are rumored to bite on just about anything? It’s also possible the solitude of a long, relaxing, river float is just the vacation you need. What about a backcountry hunting trip where you could either float-hunt or float out your game once you shoot it (making your trip immensely easier and more fun)? Is there a stretch of backcountry whitewater you have always wanted to conquer? And who says your adventures have to be limited to North America? What about a trip around the glaciers in Patagonia (ask us about our winter specials)? Book your rental now and make that trip happen!

In the Media

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