Aqua-Bound Shred Apart Paddle 240CM (New For Sale)


This paddle is ideal for most 2-person Alpacka rafts.  It is the best option for getting whitewater performance out of the Forager and Oryx.  The paddle “unit” can be set up as 2 canoe paddles or reconfigured into a single kayak paddle with a 240CM length (ideal for larger tubes in 2-person rafts).  This gives you options for rivers that have whitewater sections (use canoe style) with sections where you might want to have one person paddle (kayak paddle) while the other person fishes.


In stock

Designed by Alpacka Raft, the Shred Apart is a convertible kayak + canoe paddle, designed to offer unmatched performance and convenience.

  • Designed by Alpacka Raft, the Aqua-Bound Shred Apart is a convertible kayak/canoe paddle.
  • The Shred Apart starts with the same base paddle as Aqua-Bound’s classic Shred Carbon paddle, but includes a pair of T-handle extensions that convert the kayak paddle into a pair of canoe paddles.
  • The Shred Apart allows the packraft to be paddled either in kayak configuration by one person or in canoe configuration by two people.
  • Full sized abX carbon reinforced nylon blades suitable for whitewater

Shaft Material: T-700 Carbon
Blade Material: abX Carbon Reinforced Nylon
Blade Size: 7.75 x 18 in. (20 x 46 cm.)
Blade Surface Area: 117 sq. in. (755 sq. cm.)
Weight: 40 oz. (kayak paddle only), 26 oz. (each canoe paddle), 52 oz. (entire system)

Total Length as Kayak Paddle:  240cm



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