7 wt, 9 ft, 4 piece Echo Fly Rod and Reel

From: $5.00

Whether you’re an avid fly fisherman but don’t have a packable rod, a small stream fisherman that needs something to pull in those 5+ pounders or you’re totally new to fly fishing and just got invited on a packrafting/fly fishing combo trip, this rod is a great option.


8″ long, set of 8, made of ultralite aluminimum, 3.5 oz!

While this certainly isn’t a $500+ rod, it is very capable.  The weighted line allows you to cast as far as you need for most streams and rivers, having it as a 4-piece means it is packable and the 7 weight allows you to pull in some bigger fish or cast in more challenging conditions (wind).


Brand: Echo

Length: 9′

Line: Forward weighted line + 8.5′ tapered leader

Pieces: 4-piece

Rod, reel, line, fabric cover weight: .77 lbs

Rod, reel, line, fabric cover, rod case weight: 2 lbs


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 4 in

Green, White