Revivex UV Protectant Spray for Packrafts


Nothing like a sunny day of packrafting to take a toll on your raft tube material and deck.  Protect your packraft and gear from UV rays and keep it shiny with Revivex UV spray!  We cover our fleet with this stuff every year and it definitely extends the life of the material.

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Revivex® UV Protectant


Sunlight can really damage your gear. Whether it’s made of plastic, rubber, fiberglass or fabric, the sun’s UV rays can break it down fast. You need Revivex UV Protectant to shield your gear from harmful UV rays. This specialized formula also restores gear to its original appearance by replacing lost plasticizers, rejuvenating surfaces and brightening colors. Apply it to tents, boat covers, kayaks, rubber boots; anything you use or play with outside to prevent cracking, discoloration and fading. When you need sunscreen for your gear, apply Revivex UV Protectant before or after sun exposure.

  • Protects – Fights UV damage and prevents cracking and fading
  • Conditions – Seals plastic, vinyl, neoprene, rubber, nylon, fiberglass and enhances color
  • Powerful – Prevents fading fabrics, deteriorating rubber and discolored fiberglass
  • Reduces Wear – Keeps gear looking good
  • Multipurpose – Use on all gear and materials exposed to sunlight including kayaks, float tubes, waders and awnings


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