Ninja Paddle

From: $3.00

At 15 oz. the Ninja Paddle* is our lightest paddle, designed for use with our Scout rafts.  As with all the products we carry, reliability remains our prime requirement, and the Ninja Paddle is designed for a long service life.  The overall length when assembled is 77 inches (196 cm) with snap button connecters for shaft and blades.  The Ninja is designed for flatwater use, when pack weight is your primary concern, and you’re not going to be hitting rocks or putting undue force on the paddle due to strong currents or high winds and waves.

The Ninja has a powder coated aircraft-grade aluminum 2-piece shaft with carbon fiber blades.

15oz, 77 inches- need we say more?

Additional information

Weight 4.15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 24 in

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